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Sep 5, 2016 –
Sep 11, 2016

Kathrine is the invited guest and will run this event, which is an annual beautiful Reebok sponsored event. Kathrine will be present for the September 5th press conference at City Hall, September 8th screening of “Free to Run”. As part of the race weekend, Kathrine will be part of the speaking forum on the 9th, the Expo on the 10th and run the race on the 11th!

Sep 23, 2016

Girls on the Run DFW Metroplex, Dallas, TX United States
Kathrine will present the keynote address for the Girls on the Run Dallas fundraising luncheon at the famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas. Dr. Ken Cooper, the founder of the clinic and the founder of the Aerobics movement, is a personal hero of Kathrine’s and will be in attendance.

Oct 8, 2016

Women’s Health Day, Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, Salida, CO United States
More Information Coming Soon!

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NYT Review: A Sport Comes a Long Way in ‘Free to Run’, Daniel M. Gold

“Free to Run” is an idiosyncratic account of the rise of long-distance running over the last 50 years, viewing it not so much as sport as a social revolution shaking...

Q&A: Kathrine Switzer talks Seneca Falls 19K, Tubman on the $20, marathon training at 69 and more, by David Wilcox, Auburn Citizen

Kathrine Switzer wants to be part of history again.

She was in 1967 when she became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry. And she hopes...

Reebok teams with Kathrine Switzer & 261 Fearless; by Donna Goodman, Boston Herald

Reebok is expanding its reach into fitness and running through a new partnership with Kathrine Switzer — who made history as the first woman to run and finish the Boston...

Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon First Canadian Partner Event for 261 Fearless

The Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon on June 5 has been named the first Canadian partner event for 261 Fearless, Inc., a global nonprofit community of female runners and walkers...

Women's running pioneer shares her story with Yakima, by Tammy Ayer, Yakima Herald

Three numbers — 2-6-1 — changed Kathrine Switzer’s life. She hopes they’ll change the lives of countless other women, too.
Switzer wore those numbers on April 19, 1967, when Boston Marathon...

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Kathrine in Elle Magazine Blogpost Spain
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