Message From Kathrine

New Products, New Logo, New 261 Fearless Concept

Welcome to the updated Marathon Woman store! Among other things, we're excited about our beautiful new Marathon Woman Logo and ‘261’ being a part of our new products.

switz tying up hair cropSome fun history: In 1972, after years of campaigning, women were at last allowed to run officially in the Boston Marathon. The friction-free body suit and Grecian-inspired wrap skirt I wore for the race would be popular today because it was both feminine and strong. This photo of me in the race went global and thrilled people: women had arrived!  The photo inspired our logo, created by artist Nikki Slade-Robinson, who added the all-important 261 on my image.

New Concept

What is 261 Fearless?

261 is the bib number that I wore in the 1967 Boston Marathon. An angry race director tried to rip it off of me because I was a woman in a men’s only race. I finished that 26.2-mile marathon and equality in the women’s running movement was launched. Now '261' has come to mean FEARLESS, not just in sports, but in life. '261 Fearless' is a global empowering movement that connects women though running and walking with events, clubs, training, and inspiring merchandise. Join us! Be 261 Fearless!

New Products

You’ll see new Marathon Woman items in our store, and some are paired with the brand new 261 Fearless line of apparel from Skirt Sports, Inc. I am so excited about this relationship! But right now, our store is too small to hold this big inventory of clothing, so please first complete your purchases of Marathon Woman items on this site, and if you wish to order any of this super-empowering 261 clothing, CLICK THE BANNER BELOW. When you click Skirt Sports, you will leave this page. Cheers!   kathrine-switzer-signature     261Collection_314x1000