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Switzer puts a face on women’s athletes, by Charles Salzer, New Orleans Advocate

It was a moment that is credited with breaking the gender barrier for women in distance running. It was also a moment that changed Kathrine Switzer’s life. At the 1967 Boston Marathon, the only thing a 20-year-old Switzer wanted was

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Famed runners Kathrine Switzer, Roger Robinson to speak at AHS, Auburn Citizen

Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon, will be speaking at Auburn High School on Oct. 19. Joining Switzer is Roger Robinson, who ran for New Zealand in world championships, set age group records

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Legendary Runners Slow Down Long Enough To Marry, by M.A.C. Lynch, CT Now

They lived 8,000 miles apart, a 36-hour trip door to door. Literally the other side of the Earth is how Kathrine Switzer describes the distance between her and Roger Robinson. They knew each other as statistics. Kathrine was the runner

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Camp Olympic hosts Katherine Switzer and Roger Robinson for Jack Pressmann cross country race

Roger Robinson raced cross country for 30 years at the elite masters levels as few others have, garnering masters world championships in both cross country and road races, as well as setting masters records in marathon races in Boston, New

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Running ahead: Trailblazer Switzer will be featured speaker at Canyon Marathon dinner

By Scott Sandsberry, Yakima Herald-Republic You could say Kathrine Switzer’s greatest claim to fame was the day she took one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind. Except that it was more like, oh, 40,000 steps — roughly

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Trailblazers top guest list at annual foot race, Cornwall Standard Freeholder by Cheryl Brink

A milestone for the Raisin River Foot Race attracted a couple of big names in the running world back to Williamstown this weekend. As the event — a staple of the town’s annual fair — marked 35 years on Saturday,

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