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In ’67, Switzer was ‘Magellan’ in sweats

Kathrine Switzer wonders what would have happened if that April day in 1967 had come up warm and sunny in Hopkinton. “History might have been different,” she muses. “I would have had a really cute outfit on, shorts and a top, and I would have been stopped at the starting line.”

Or if she’d entered the race as Kathrine instead of K.V., Boston Athletic Association officials might have noticed the feminine name and never issued her a number.

But the day came up raw, windy, and wet, Switzer wore a hooded sweatsuit into the chute, and she got 4 miles along before it became clear that No. 261 was a female.

PDF: In-67-Switzer-was-Magellan-in-sweats-The-Boston-Globe.pdf