DID IT!!!!

Dear Friends–after 34 years, I did my first marathon distance at the Mototapu Icebreaker in the South Island of New Zealand    (www.iconicadventures.co.nz) and let me say, I was a bit out of my mind to choose one of the hardest endurance races in New Zealand: through the mountainous high country, carrying a pack, 28 river crossings, all off-road with astonishing descents as well as ascents.  I finished in 5 hours 38 minutes; average time for women over 50 is over 6 hours so I am exceedingly pleased.  Mostly to know an old body can gear up again and embrace adventure. I will write more when I can, I have limited time here on my computer in the mountains, with dodgey network connection, just wanted to say THANK YOU!  It was gorgeous and amazing.

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