Kathrine on the cover of WGBH-TV Boston, February 2013

Kathrine is featured on the cover of a Explore Magazine, the monthly magazine of WGBH Boston, the huge PBS station in Boston. Check out the publication and notice the President’s Letter on page 1:

“One of those trailblazers is Kathrine Switzer, who back in 1967 was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as an official entrant—she registered as K.V. Switzer—five years before the Boston Athletic Association would finally open the race to women.  Switzer, who joined McGee at the WGBH podium, recalled the moment when an enraged race official physically tried to force her off the course.  ‘I didn’t start out to be a feminist,’ Switzer says.  ‘When Jock Semple attacked me, it changed everything.  By the time I finished the Boston Marathon, I knew I wanted to help change the attitudes against women and to create opportunities for other women to run.’”