Switzer struck by sad irony of bombing, by Ken McMillian – Times Herald Record

In the aftermath of every Boston Marathon there are a multitude of tiny celebrations of personal achievement.

Long after the media has abandoned its primary coverage and the swarm of fans have thinned out, there remains a bustle of activity in and around Copley Square. Families and friends gather up tired loved ones and some runners will just hang around, swapping stories and basking in the accomplishment.

“The streets, until 9 at night, are filled with a crush of people,” said New Paltz’s Kathrine Switzer, who has made Boston her Patriots’ Day destination for the better part of 46 years, providing TV commentary for the last 36. “There’s all kinds of laughing and smiling and runners hobbling along in their foil blankets. You see all this array of color, and their medals clanking on their chests, and people holding up phones and taking pictures.”

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