Panel says Boston Marathon bombings give ‘more determination to run’

A really good article by Robert Macleod of the Toronto Globe and Mail about the Ramsey Talks Beyond Boston presentation we all did yesterday in a special luncheon that was attended by the business AND running community. Roger Robinson was also a star at this talk but not in this article.


It was 10 minutes after Toronto doctor Jean Marmoreo had established yet another running milestone by completing the Boston Marathon when the first of two bombs exploded near the finish line.

“I wasn’t fast, I was lucky,” Marmoreo said of her close encounter with the deadly terrorist attack of April 15 that killed three and injured hundreds of others.

While the tragedy has had a profound affect on Marmoreo and others who were there, the event has also helped to galvanize those who participate in long-distance running events, a forum in Toronto heard on Wednesday.

The latest instalment of the Ramsay Talks speaker series focused on the venerable sporting event and what the fallout might be from the horrific events that unfolded on April 15.

The speakers included several well-respected figures in the world of marathon running, including Marmoreo, a 70-year-old who placed first in her age group (70-74) at Boston in a time of 3 hours, 48 minutes, 57 seconds.  Read More