Breaking News: 261 Women’s Marathon coming March 2014!

Here it is!  Today in Madrid, we announced the first “261 Women’s Marathon”. Global in scope, it will be held in Majorca, Spain, on March 30, 2014.  This marathon is named after my famous bib number in the 1967 Boston Marathon; the number I kept and finished the race with despite an angry official who tried to pull it off of me.   The number 261 has come to mean fearless in the face of a challenge, and this marathon will present a challenging, aspirational, empowering and welcoming opportunity to women everywhere because We Know About Challenge!  We changed women’s lives in 1967 and we will continue to do it.  Join us on March 30, bring all your friends to the beautiful island of Majorca and take a look at
I’m so tremendously proud of this honor!