Skirt Sports Launches a Clothing Line with Kathrine Switzer to Promote the 261 Fearless Running Movement

Skirt Sports, the innovative women’s running apparel brand is proud to announce its partnership with pioneer runner, Kathrine Switzer, most noted for her KVS261_SkirtSportsbrave running of the 1967 all-male Boston Marathon. The collaboration creates a line of women’s running clothes that unites the history of women’s competitive running with the powerful message of Kathrine’s 261 Fearless Movement.

“It is such an honor to work with this amazing running icon,” said Nicole DeBoom. “Kathrine is the original Skirt – she stood strong, pushing herself to be the best. She never stopped when people told her that she couldn’t because she was a woman. After running Boston, she continued the fight and ultimately created opportunities for women to compete in running races throughout the world, including the women’s Olympic marathon. I would not be an Ironman winner if it was not for the foundation she laid for women. Creating a clothing line with Kathrine and placing the number 261 upon each piece is a perfect way to honor everything she has done for women in running, as well as, to encourage more women to take that first step out the door to become a runner”

261 is the bib number that Kathrine Switzer wore in the 1967 Boston Marathon, the one an angry race director tried to rip off her during the race because she was a woman. Kathrine fiercely kept the number, finished the 26.2-mile marathon and went on to champion the cause for women’s equality in running. Because of her determination and courage in all things, ‘261’ has come to mean FEARLESS in the face of adversity. 261 Fearless is now a global movement, empowering women through running, and by connecting them through events, clubs, training and products. The Skirt Sports 261 Fearless clothing captures the sense of fearlessness and freedom of women runners everywhere.

“When I decided I wanted to create a line of running clothes to further my 261 Fearless message and connect more women, Nicole DeBoom and Skirt Sports was on the top of my list,” said Kathrine Switzer. “Nicole gets it. She sees that her clothing line empowers women to get out there and run. A running skirt is fun, sassy and it is practical. It makes women feel comfortable and great about themselves. This confidence gives them courage. Nicole utilizes her company to support and encourage women. I am honored for her to join me in the 261 Fearless Movement.”

Four styles currently make up the initial 261 Fearless Collection. The 261 Fearless Pullover and 261 Fearless Runner Pant are modern day technical renditions of the sweat suit Kathrine wore on the historic Boston Marathon day. The 261 Courage Capri and 261 Freedom Tee represent styles Kathrine modified into her race apparel from the ballet world in her early running career. Future pieces are slated for the Spring and Fall 2015 lines, as well. Each piece displays the 261 symbol to encourage women to continue to be fearless throughout their workout, race or daily life challenges. This 261 Fearless Collection along with 261 branded Skirt Sports skirts and tees has debut on Skirt Sports retail website.

For more information on the collaboration and the 261 Fearless collection, please visit Skirt Sports