BREAKING NEWS! 261® Fearless Ambassador program

Soon you will have more opportunities to be active in the 261® Fearless Movement.  We are launching our 261® Fearless Ambassador program mid to late April 2015.  We are enlisting women who find solace, strength and freedom in running or walking. We need role models, communicators, supporters and friends who have the ability to stand strong for herself and who have the desire to bring the love of movement to others.
Is this you? Together we will help others find their fearless through running and walking.
Please follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram @261fearless where we will announce the application process.  In the meantime, please use the hashtag #261fearless on your social media posts so we can connect. Click the bib #261 below to join our notification list and we’ll let you know when the application process begins. Please continue to help us spread the word!

Kathrine's 1967 Boston Marathon 261 Bib number