Word Play


It was a dark and stormy night and my running club was doing speed training:

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorone mile circuits with a short rest in between. As one of the club’s slowest members, I was hating every second of it, especially as running at lung-busting speed meant I couldn’t chat to my friend Victoria. Reaching the end of my second mile, almost collapsing, I saw Victoria in the distance, waiting for me to catch up with her. “We LOVE speed training!” exclaimed Victoria loudly. “Yeah right!” I said through gritted teeth. And then she said it again, with even more enthusiasm. The third time, I joined in, shouting out that ridiculous-sounding mantra with all my might. And just then, something miraculous happened. I felt a surge of energy, the grimace turned into a grin, and ran it twice as fast as we had the first one.

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