Boston, MA (March 9, 2018)—Tracing the brave choices in their pasts and looking toward future revolutions, Five
261 Fearless Game-Changing Women gathered at the Mandarin Oriental last night to mark International
Women’s Day by sharing their stories with invited guests and viewers worldwide via a livestream on

“The sense of spirit was absolutely incredible, not only from the speakers but from the sense of wonder and
possibility from the people in the audience,” said Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run the Boston
Marathon and one of the Five 261 Fearless Game-Changing Women on the panel. “I can only imagine what it
must have been like for those watching on the livestream, perhaps from places where women still live in fear
every day.”

The five women, all of whom overcame gender barriers, prejudice and stereotypes of limitation, shared their
stories about the spark that ignited their fearlessness and made them the leaders they are. The interactive
evening, during which Boston Magazine posted a live story on Instagram, was presented by 261 Fearless, the
global non-profit network of women who use running to empower each other.

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