Part-time Wellingtonian and women’s running hero Kathrine Switzer has French stadium named after her

Boston Marathon hero Kathrine Switzer, who lives part-time in Wellington, has had a stadium named after her in Dunkirk, France.A part-time Wellingtonian and women’s running trailblazer has had a stadium named after her in France.

Kathrine Switzer was the first registered woman to run in the Boston Marathon, and spends half of her time in Wellington and the rest in her native United States.

The stadium, in Dunkirk, was named Stade d’Athlétisme Kathrine Switzer, or Kathrine Switzer Stadium, in an official inauguration ceremony on September 14.

Switzer had made history when she competed in the 1967 Boston Marathon. She registered as K. Switzer, which allowed her to officially register in the traditionally men-only race.

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