How are you keeping active during social distancing?

Hey friends!

Don’t take Self-Isolation sitting down! This is a time to exercise more than ever, to bust stress and maybe work on that core that you ‘haven’t had time’ to do before. What I’ve done is dig out the old weights that are under the sofa, get out my yoga mat, throw open the windows to get fresh air in, and get to work! You don’t even need real ‘weights’, you can use anything heavy, like a bottle of wine, ha ha, now THAT’S incentive!!! Seriously, it is not so much the weight of the object, it is how many times you do the repetitions. So write down of what you are starting with and how many and build gradually. Here’s me in my first group of exercise–the classic biceps curl. Curl it up, curl it down, slowly and breathe steadily. I do reps of 10, then do something else for 2 minutes and then come back to the curls. Keep mixing it up and you’ll get sweaty and breathless fast. GET THE KIDS TO WORK OUT WITH YOU AND MAKE IT FUN!! They love it, honestly! And, join our community of 261 Fearless–we’re on line all the time if you need a friend or advice or want to join our exercise routine!

We are #261fearLESS together

Cheers, Kathrine