Groundswell Festival of Innovation coming up soon!!

Wow, Friends!  Imagine my surprise and delight to see big  billboards up in Tauranga, New Zealand that advertise my upcoming  speech there!  Especially since the title of my talk is “Running Ruins Your Reproductive Organs and Other Outrageous Myths of Limitation”!   YOU, too, can attend this ‘masterclass’, since it’s part of the Groundswell Festival of Innovation in collaboration with Techweek 2020 and it’s virtual.  You need to sign up and yes, pay–$43.38 NZ dollars which is $28.77 US–but you get to look at the tape later if you can’t make it live. This is the first time we’ve taken this session global–so sign up and be a part of it!

Register at:

10AM Wednesday July 29 New Zealand time
6 PM (EDT) Tuesday July 28  USA time  (yes,NZ is a day ahead of the USA; if you want to know the future, just ask me, ha ha!)

Big thanks to Priority One, the economic development agency here, for hosting my first masterclass!
Cheers, Kathrine