Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday! The day when people around the world come together to connect and change the world through their support of non-profits. For 261 Fearless Inc, it’s a day that boosts our ability to empower women through running.

Women hear these statements every day: You are not strong enough. You don’t know enough. You don’t look the right way. You don’t belong.
With 261 Fearless, women learn that they are strong. That they know enough. That they look the right way. That they belong.
Women don’t just need to be told this. Women need to feel this. And our mission at 261 Fearless is to empower women through running so that they know they are enough.
Running instills confidence, strength, and health. On this Giving Tuesday, in a year unlike any other, please help us continue to tell women that they are strong, that they belong, that they are enough.