Wellington Moved the World!

 Hi Friends!!  261 Fearless Club Wellington, New Zealand gathered at the beautiful Owhiro Bay waterfront to celebrate the final in the series of 261 Fearless Move the World, a global initiative to support virtual runners in the Boston, Chicago, Marine Corps and New York City marathons, and especially the 261 Fearless charity runners who have really given back to women around the world by raising funds for the 261 Fearless, Inc. non-profit.  Thank you all so much!  It was  fabulous for all of us here in New Zealand– 8,000 miles away from New York City–to know we were also running with 1100 other 261 Fearless runners around the world who took part in the MTW program.  Wow!  You all are GREAT!  You’ve raised all of our spirits! 

Everyone:  Join us @ 261fearless.org and keep Moving the World to a better place! 

Cheers, Kathrine