Take the Fearless Plunge With Kathrine and Edith!!

Yes, this is woo-woo me, in 1983, using this bikini girl photo to challenge YOU to join me as I match challenges with my friend and

261 Fearless CEO Edith Zuschmann! Edith has issued a challenge to raise $1,261 by Dec 25 for 261 Fearless. AND, if she does, she will crack the ice and plunge into ice cold Lake Worthersee in Austria on Christmas Eve, Dec.24! Swimsuit; no wetsuit, either! Friends, this I want to SEE! I want to see this so badly that I’m gonna match her and say if she can raise $3,261 by Jan 5, my birthday, I will walk the high dive in Wellington Harbor and JUMP! I won’t be wearing a wetsuit either, but I reserve the right, at 74, not to wear a bikini! (Heck, I don’t even OWN a bikini anymore!!) All you need to do to join this challenge is to hit the contribute button. Join us, it all goes to 261 Fearless, where we help women globally to take that first fearless step into empowerment…..sometimes, we all need is to take a Fearless plunge! Cheers and thanks!