It’s Happening!!

Yow!!  Friends, I am jumping for joy here!  We have raised over $ 3,261 for the 261 Fearless Tke the Fearless Plunge campaign, thanks to all of YOU!

Honestly, I never thought this would happen and that I would have to jump off the high dive platform in Wellington Harbor. I cannot thank you all enough.
Only now I have to do it!  And, Whew, the harbor rules are No Diving, Jumping Only! So I will be jumping around 5:30 PM New Zealand time, which is 11:30 at night USA Eastern Time… for many of you, you will simply have to wait until you get up tomorrow  to see the video.  For sure, I will make a big SPLASH!
Thanks so very, very much for your support! Cheers for now!  Kathrine (slightly breathless…)