The Plunge!!

Yipes Friends, what was I THINKING!!! ???  This sucker is HIGH!! and… It is looking like a real possibility for me to have to take the jump off the high dive here at the Wellington harbor–and while I thank you for your help, we’re not there yet and maybe I won’t have to do it after all.  I postponed my birthday dinner as even my husband said he was going to contribute so he’d have to see me do it–in cold blustery weather, and boy that platform is a lot taller than I remember….  And poor  me, with a healthy case of acrophobia–YIPES, This is a Job for Wonder Woman, not me!  Shall I beg you to contribute or beg you not to contribute??!!!   No matter what, you are greatly appreciated!  All funds go to 261 Fearless, to help women take that first fearless step in running. Not jumping off high places, but anyway…Thank you for your support!

Cheers, Kathrine

P.S. One photo shows how high it is, the other so you can read my sign.  In the background, the amazing Te Papa, New Zealand’s National Museum, a real                                                                                                                          treasure.