Activate You!

Friends, start Activate You today! Here is your opportunity to get all your female family and friends–all those who say they can’t or they don’t have time–into an evidence-based, fun, and totally do-able fitness program. It’s called Activate You and it is brought to us by the 261 Fearless organization. We all have people we care about and whom we would dearly love to just start, and YOU can take part with them! In 12 weeks, you’ll go from 3 minutes of exercise a day to a full 45 minutes. How often have you also said: โ€œI really should do something for myself, but I don’t know how to start.โ€ No more!–Activate You is IT! Follow the dots and go from 3 min of exercise a day to a full 45 minute workout–in just 12 weeks! Watch the video! Sign up! It’s truly wonderful.

Cheers Kathrine