74-year-old marathoner Kathrine Switzer shares top fitness tips for seniors

Fifty-four years ago, Kathrine Switzer signed up for the Boston Marathon using only her initials — K.V. Switzer.

When the race manager realized that Switzer was a woman, he was furious, physically grabbed her and tried to throw her out of the event. But Switzer wouldn’t let anyone stop her, and soon became the first woman to officially complete the Boston marathon.

Today, 74-year-old Switzer is still creating opportunities for people to bust through stereotypes about physical fitness. Switzer works on the Health Advisory Board of the National Senior Games presented by Humana, an event that features athletic competitions for people ages 50 and over. She believes that seniors are capable athletes, and that it’s never too late to get in shape.

Whether you want to participate in the National Senior Games or just want to walk up a staircase without losing your breath, Switzer has a wealth of advice for seniors who want to get or stay fit.

Kathrine’s Top 10 Tips for Staying In Shape:

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