The Woman Who Made all Women Run

The Great Stories: Kathrine Switzer.  (Visual Quentin Guichard).Wow–on @BostonMarathon Day, @Eurosport France released this amazing story about me and other women runners in our successful pursuit of inclusion in running, from the early organizing  days, to Olympic inclusion, to now our work with @261Fearless.  Merci Journalist Remi Bourrieres!!

“London. Boston. Paris. Perth. Jerusalem. This month of October 2021 looks like a real international marathon festival, like a return to life after the health crisis. A multicolored and infinite garland of runners released in the urban maze of megalopolises around the world. That is to say hundreds of thousands of athletes, a good third of whom are women, depending on the race. Which ones will brandish their bib as the winner on the finish line? Mystery. But we know who will forever be the first to have done so. Her name is Kathrine Switzer. It was in Boston on April 19, 1967.”

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