Giving Tuesday

Hi Friends!

It’s my pleasure to reach out to you on behalf of 261 Fearless, a global non-profit organization founded by my friend and colleague  Edith Zuschmann (CEO & President) and myself (Board Chair). We use running as a vehicle to EMPOWER and UNITE WOMEN through the creation of local non-competitive running clubs, education programs, communication platforms and social running events.

To us, EDUCATION is the key to EMPOWERMENT. Therefore, our organization focuses on providing specific education programs to support women. One such program is the continuing education program for 261 Fearless coaches, empowering women to become leaders in their community by taking action and control of their lives as well as positively influencing others.

This GivingTuesday (November 30th, 2021), or whenever you can, we ask you to please consider donating $26 to 261 Fearless, which funds one month of ongoing education and support for one 261 Coach. With this donation, the coaches EXPAND their knowledge in two-fold:

  1. They learn new techniques and knowledge for healthy running (e.g.: running and menopause, running and the knees, warm-up, etc.)
  2. They gain insights and reflect on their leadership role (e.g.: women in coaching, group dynamics, etc.).

This acquired KNOWLEDGE has a direct impact on their community due to continuously updated techniques for healthy running and having 261 Coaches as ROLE MODELS for empowerment.

As the Giving Tuesday initiative promotes, EVERYONE has something TO GIVE and every act of generosity counts! Be a part of the global generosity movement and celebrate all acts of giving this year by donating to 261 Fearless.


Thank you for your consideration and support!