Boston Bibs Available!

Kia Ora, Friends! Breaking News!!
Just a few minutes ago, I received a text from the CEO of 261 Fearless global to ask if I knew of two people who interested in joining our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon charity team, that 2 running bibs  have become available because two of our runners had to drop out at this last moment, and it is still technically before the Feb. 10 deadline. It occurred to me that now that NZ has declared open borders, we citizens are more or less free to come and go, and that a NZ woman (or man) might jump at this opportunity to run the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18.
We have 20 people (well, 18 now…)  on our charity team, they enlist to run and raise a minimum amount of money for us:  $US 9,000* each.  Yes, it’s a whopper, and on top of that, you’d have to pay the race entry fee ($350?)  and your own travel and accommodation.  Having said that, our team is the best in Boston with hospitality, dinners, and a massive swag bag of official gear and team gear from adidas. And advice!  We hold your hand through the whole thing and can give you advice on  training, fundraising, etc. Here is the urgency:  I have to know right away as we have an entry deadline of Feb.10.
(*Believe it or not, this is a fairly standard ‘price.’  The charity system in Boston has transformed the city’s hospitals and charities, and gives people who have no hope of running a qualifying time at Boston to participate. 20% of our money must go back into the Boston community; the rest is the real funding foundation of 261 Fearless global).
Most of our team enlisted 6 months ago and we helped them set up a kind of crowdrise program.  We could do the same with you,  and even though some of you may be in a position of just writing a check, and jumping on a plane,  it is cool to  do an online fundraising–you’d be surprised at how many supporters you’d have.
It may sound preposterous, but  I just didn’t want any one of you  to miss out  on the opportunity if you have any dreams of running the Boston Marathon; this one, in April of 2022, is going to be astonishing, as it’s the first time back home in April in 2 years.
This Boston is huge also for both my husband Roger and me as Roger is launching his next book and I am part of the big  promotion this year:  2022 is the 50th anniversary of women at last being official runners in the Boston Marathon–1972.  We women had a lot of running, legislating and cajoling to do to make it happen.  In 1972, 8 of us registered officially, and 8 of us finished.  Now, 50 years later, we have found 5 of the 8 women and we are going to be there together for a lot of promotion.  Adidas, one of the main sponsors of the Boston Marathon for years, and for whom I have served as an ‘ambassador’,  has dedicated the official apparel of the Boston Marathon to this anniversary…and wait for it, my autograph is on the inside label with a quote:  “Be Fearless!  Challenge Rules!”
It would be fun to have you part of all this, and you’d love our team!
If you’re seriously interested, please LMK immediately, and I’ll give you my phone number and we can talk.
Cheers, Kathrine