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50 Years of the Mini 10K and Title IX

By Sarah Dukler | Jun 19, 2022

Wow!  The BBC World Service Sports has 65 MILLION listeners, now THAT is a lot of followers!  How honored I am to be interviewed celebrating 50 years of Title IX and 50 years of the New York Mini 10K! I got in a great shout-out for 261 Fearless, too!   Listen in–my interview about tearing…

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Meet me in New York June 11th!!

By Sarah Dukler | Jun 2, 2022

Meet me in New York New York, the city that never sleeps but sure does run! And celebrate–it’s the 50th anniversary of the famous ‘Mini 10k’, now the Mastercard Mini 10k. At 10AM, right after we finish the big run, we’re gathering at the adidas store, Fifth Avenue @ 48th St, to do a joint…

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NYRR’s History of Women in Leadership

By Sarah Dukler | May 31, 2022

NYRR has a history of women in leadership roles stretching back to our early days. Throughout our history, all of our leaders have worked and advocated for equal opportunities and recognition for women runners. In this year of the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the landmark legislation that paved the way for equal opportunities for…

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National Senior Games Torch Lighting

By Sarah Dukler | May 13, 2022

What an honor it is to be a torchbearer and to light the cauldron that opens the National Senior Games here in Fort Lauderdale!

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Join Kathrine this weekend at the Boston Marathon!

By Sarah Dukler | Apr 15, 2022

Friday, April 15 5-6 pm: BAA opening ceremony – Fan Fest @ Copley Square / open air, this will introduce “The Original 5”—those surviving first official women celebrating the 50th anniversary of women being allowed to officially run the Boston Marathon. Saturday, April 16 8am: BAA 5K Run – Kathrine starting with 261 Fearless Team…

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50th anniversary of Women Being Official at Boston!

By Sarah Dukler | Apr 15, 2022

Here is Adidas’ Hero Film about us! What an honor to be a part of this momentous year in Boston! Check out the video here!

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By Sarah Dukler | Apr 7, 2022

Revolutionary. Resilient. Determined. Just a few words to describe Kathrine Switzer – the runner who paved the way for other women to participate in the Boston Marathon. As we look toward the 2022 race, tell us about the Kathrine in your life. #SheIsMyKathrine

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La Maratoniana

By Sarah Dukler | Mar 14, 2022

Great International Women’s Day News:  my book, Marathon Woman is now La Maratoniana, at long last published in Spanish,  and is available for presale at It will soon be in bookstores all over Spain, Mexico and South America!  I am so proud that this book has helped so many women find their own empowerment and now with…

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Striding Into Boston Marathon History with Kathrine Switzer

By Sarah Dukler | Mar 3, 2022

It’s one of the most famous running photos in history, and it doesn’t show a champion crossing a finish line or a brokenhearted runner-up. It’s the indelible image of a 63-year-old man trying to push a 20-year-old woman out of the Boston Marathon, contending (though gender wasn’t mentioned in the rules) that women weren’t allowed.…

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