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Groundswell Festival of Innovation coming up soon!!

By Sarah Dukler | Jul 27, 2020

Wow, Friends!  Imagine my surprise and delight to see big  billboards up in Tauranga, New Zealand that advertise my upcoming  speech there!  Especially since the title of my talk is “Running Ruins Your Reproductive Organs and Other Outrageous Myths of Limitation”!   YOU, too, can attend this ‘masterclass’, since it’s part of the Groundswell Festival of…

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The Modern Day Rosie the Riveter!

By Sarah Dukler | Jul 23, 2020

One of my sheroes has always been Rosie the Riveter because her image was: “Just give me the job! I can do it!” A whole generation of fearless, capable women were born from the crisis of WWII. And now an American icon has gone from building bombers to making masks. Rosie the Riveter has joined…

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Groundswell Festival of Innovation

By Sarah Dukler | Jul 6, 2020
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Happy Father’s Day!

By Sarah Dukler | Jun 21, 2020
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By Sarah Dukler | Jun 6, 2020

Why do the 1960s continue to peak the interest of Americans across the generations?” asks Tony Fama, who hosts the all-new Sunday morning retrospective series presented by AXS TV. And his question is answered by the likes of Kathrine Switzer, Sam Donaldson, Tom Brokaw, and many others. LOS ANGELES (May 21, 2020) – AXS TV presents an insightful look back…

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Who Runs the World – Overcoming Adversity Through Running

By Sarah Dukler | May 19, 2020

Hi Friends! Please join us tonight, Tuesday, May 19 at 7:30 PM Eastern time  for  “Who Runs the World – Overcoming Adversity Through Running. A Conversation with Kathrine Switzer and Ivonne Mosquera-Schmidt.” This special webinar is hosted by the indefatigable Jordan Metzl, MD, and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, it’s one of…

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Kathrine Switzer breaks down her groundbreaking 1967 Boston Marathon moment

By Sarah Dukler | May 4, 2020

Kathrine Switzer’s No. 261 bib shows the signs of the times: tears at the corner where a Boston Marathon official tried to rip it off her mid-race. Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon in 1967 when she registered as “KV Switzer” (for Kathrine Virginia) to elude organizers even though there…

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Awaiting The Baton In The Relay Exchange Zone

By Sarah Dukler | May 1, 2020

How is your daily training/coaching/work routine doing and how challenging has it been for you in this environment? ” I am extremely fortunate in that I am in New Zealand, where we have a lot of space, fresh air, and are allowed to go outside. Attached is a funny photo of me exercising in New…

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Virtual MAKERS Meeting with Kathrine!

By Sarah Dukler | Apr 17, 2020

Hey Friends!  None of us can be at the Boston Marathon this weekend, but MAKERS has invited me to be interviewed on their new initiative, MAKERS Home School, to talk about the history of  this wonderful event, and how WOMEN’S fearless part in that Boston Marathon history changed the face of women’s sports forever. MAKERS…

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