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MAKERS Review – San Francisco Chronicle

By Kathrine Switzer | Feb 22, 2013

Friends!  Sit yourself down or set your DVRs for PBS on Tuesday, Feb.26, 7:55 PM  (show starts at 8 and I’m on first!) We’re making just about every news outlet…

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Kathrine on the cover of WGBH-TV Boston, February 2013

By Matthew Fass | Feb 2, 2013

Kathrine is featured on the cover of a Explore Magazine, the monthly magazine of WGBH Boston, the huge PBS station in Boston. Check out the publication and notice the President’s…

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Kathrine Featured in Issue of Competitor, January 2013

By Matthew Fass | Feb 2, 2013

Women on the Run: An all-male sport at the inception of the first running boom, recreational running is now dominated by women By Linzay Logan While we know it looms…

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What’s it Worth to You to Dope for the Tour de France?

By Kathrine Switzer | Sep 11, 2012

As if I wasn’t already thinking about Lance…Armstrong, that is (because who has not given at least one nanosecond of thought to the current swirl of events around cycling’s icon…

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How Kathrine Switzer Paved the Way, April 2012

By Matthew Fass | Apr 12, 2012

How Kathrine Switzer Paved the Way, by Sarah Lorge Butler, ESPN-W, 12 April, 2012

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ESPN-W: Article: How Kathrine Switzer Paved the Way, by Sarah Lorge Butler

By Kathrine Switzer | Apr 12, 2012

This week, as she has for three decades, Kathrine Switzer will make her happy homecoming at the Boston Marathon. She’ll unpack in a hotel, start interviewing elite women runners and…

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Official at Last: The Year That Changed Everything

By Kathrine Switzer | Apr 10, 2012

On the eve of the 2012 Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer– the first woman to officially enter and run the race– celebrates the 40th anniversary of the year that changed everything.…

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Episode 117 – Kathrine Switzer (Part One), Marathon Talk podcast

By Kathrine Switzer | Apr 4, 2012

Find out who has won a VIP place in the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. Hear the first part of our interview with a pioneer of women’s running, Kathrine Switzer. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/c/5/4/c54f43343c92ecf0/Episode_117_Kathrine_Switzer_Part_One.mp3

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“Witness” Program features Kathrine Switzer, March 2012

By Matthew Fass | Mar 2, 2012

“Witness” Program features Kathrine Switzer, women’s marathon pioneer, BBC World News, First Broadcast:  March 2, 2012

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