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Katie Kelly-Noble interview

By Kathrine Switzer | Sep 7, 2010

We said last year would be our last “Women’s Issue.” We lied.  Not intentionally, of course, but last August we had office discussions debating if we really needed an issue…

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Radio (and coffee) as an important race tool

By Kathrine Switzer | May 8, 2010

  I HATE getting up really early. So much so that 30 years ago, when I last took myself seriously as a runner, I often vowed that there would come…

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Boston Brilliant! Now on to the Illinois Marathon!

By Kathrine Switzer | Apr 30, 2010

The Boston Marathon last week was brilliant; it always is, no matter what the outcome. Has anyone ever left Beantown the day after the race and not been awestruck? This…

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Boston. Boston! BOSTON!!!

By Kathrine Switzer | Apr 11, 2010

For the last 44 years, my heart rate begins to go up starting with the first day in April.  By now, April 10, I also feel anxious and edgy.  By…

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Long Live These Endorphins!

By Kathrine Switzer | Mar 22, 2010

Just for the record, the endorphins are still surging from finishing the Mototapu Icebreaker Marathon last week! I can’t wipe the grin off my face, and to tell you the…

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DID IT!!!!

By Kathrine Switzer | Mar 13, 2010

Dear Friends–after 34 years, I did my first marathon distance at the Mototapu Icebreaker in the South Island of New Zealand    (www.iconicadventures.co.nz) and let me say, I was a…

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Rekindling the Fire

By Kathrine Switzer | Mar 9, 2010

I’ve been running for 50 years.  It staggers the imagination. Even mine! That’s an awful lot of miles, and since I do my best thinking on the run, that’s a…

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Lee Nessel: No gender hurdle was too high for marathoner

By Kathrine Switzer | Nov 8, 2009

Kathrine Switzer, born in 1947, was raised in a time that is hard for some of us to imagine. Girls were not encouraged — and were even unwelcome — to…

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The meaningful message of a Marathon Woman

By Kathrine Switzer | Sep 9, 2009

The charismatic Kathrine Switzer has an inspirational, riveting story to tell. She accomplished something that during her era was considered almost silly to think about and certainly ridiculous to discuss.…

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