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Screening of The Secret Marathon

Not to be missed:¬†¬†8 December, 6:30 PM, Roxy Cinema, a special screening of¬† “The Secret Marathon.‚Ä̬†¬†Inspired by the story of the first Afghan woman to stand up for her freedom to run, a filmmaker and her marathon mentor train and travel in secret to run with and make this film of the brave Afghan women…Read More

Free to Run

Hey Fearless¬†Friends! This coming Monday 8 November, the running documentary film –¬†Free to Run¬†– is airing at 8.30pm on¬†MńĀori TV. You can also watch it on demand from Monday onward¬†here. Clearly being aired to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the New York City Marathon, this global film tells beautifully about the emergence¬†of our sport…Read More

The Woman Who Made all Women Run

Wow–on¬†@BostonMarathon¬†Day,¬†@Eurosport¬†France released this amazing story about me and other women runners in our successful pursuit of inclusion in running, from the early organizing ¬†days, to Olympic inclusion, to now our work with¬†@261Fearless.¬† Merci Journalist Remi Bourrieres!! “London.¬†Boston.¬†Paris.¬†Perth.¬†Jerusalem.¬†This month of October 2021 looks like a real international marathon festival, like a return to life after the…Read More

A song about me!

How cool is it to have a song written about me and announced on the BBC on the eve of the London Marathon! ? Take a look and take a listen!¬† Way to go Rick and Georgie Pearson, ‘The Hamstrings’, for making an album of running music and of course I love all the songs,…Read More

UN Panel Recording

So excited that now you can watch the recording of my speech at the United Nations Human Rights Council panel discussion on the potential of leveraging sport and the Olympic ideal for promoting human rights for young people! I am introduced at 30 minutes, 50 seconds into the video. Cheers KathrineRead More

UN Human Rights Council Invitation!

Hi Friends! I am so honored to be invited by Nazhat Shameem Khan, President of the UN Human Rights Council, for a panel discussion on the potential of leveraging sport and the Olympic ideal for promoting human rights for young people. LIVE webcast on Wed 7 July at 4:00 AM ET: As a prelude…Read More

Charity Bibs for Boston!

Huge Opportunity, Friends! Breaking news: we have a few new charity bibs for the Boston Marathon! People will talk about the 2021 Boston Marathon for the rest of their lives because probably never again will the Boston Marathon be in October!! So you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of history.…Read More

Activate You!

Friends, start Activate You today! Here is your opportunity to get all your female family and friends–all those who say they can’t or they don’t have time–into an evidence-based, fun, and totally do-able fitness program. It’s called Activate You and it is brought to us by the 261 Fearless organization. We all have people we…Read More

A Celebration of All Women

How honored I was to be among such amazing women in this very cool video called¬†A Celebration of All Women,¬† produced for Women’s History Month by Hershey’s.¬† You see me for a split second after the super stars who open the video. Together let’s continue to make positive change not only this month, but EVERY…Read More

International Women’s Day!

Dear Friends and Supporters of 261 Fearless: Happy International Women’s Day! Today marked our last LIVE Fearless Forward Wom-inar, and for those of you who were on the zoom at 8am this morning, you know I talked to the whole world today about our growing organization in New Zealand and our gathering of women here…Read More

Partnering with Peloton!

Friends!¬† How wonderful to start Women’s History Month with the GREAT news that Peloton joins 261 Fearless as a generous partner!¬†We are so GRATEFUL and PROUD because together we can further the mission we share of empowerment and health through fitness and education! ¬†Peloton¬†is the largest interactive fitness platform in the world with a loyal…Read More

Podcast: BBC!!

Podcast Alert! So thrilled to share my BBC News radio broadcast interview! It’s available on podcast here: Cheers, KathrineRead More

It’s Happening!!

Yow!!¬† Friends, I am jumping for joy here!¬† We have raised over $ 3,261 for the 261 Fearless Tke the Fearless Plunge campaign, thanks to all of YOU! Honestly, I never thought this would happen and that I would have to jump off the high dive platform in Wellington Harbor. I cannot thank you all…Read More

The Plunge!!

Yipes Friends, what was I THINKING!!! ???¬† This sucker is HIGH!! and… It is looking like a real possibility for me to have to take the jump off the high dive here at the Wellington harbor–and while I thank you for your help, we’re not there yet and maybe I won’t have to do it…Read More

Take the Fearless Plunge With Kathrine and Edith!!

Yes, this is woo-woo me, in 1983, using this bikini girl photo to challenge YOU to join me as I match challenges with my friend and 261 Fearless CEO Edith Zuschmann! Edith has issued a challenge to raise $1,261 by Dec 25 for 261 Fearless. AND, if she does, she will crack the ice and…Read More

Scottish Women in Sports Awards!

Hi Friends!¬† How delighted I am to have been asked to be the speaker at the upcoming Scottish Women’s Sports Awards!¬† It’s virtual, so we recorded my speech some days ago.¬† But wow–look at this–last Sunday, the Scottish Sunday Post newspaper published this really great article about me and the other women athletes to be…Read More

Wellington Moved the World!

¬†Hi Friends!!¬† 261 Fearless Club Wellington, New Zealand gathered at the beautiful Owhiro Bay waterfront to celebrate the final in the series of 261 Fearless Move the World, a global initiative to support virtual runners in the Boston, Chicago, Marine Corps and New York City marathons, and especially the 261 Fearless charity runners who have…Read More

Wellington Meet-Up!

Hey Wellington, New Zealand friends! Join us at 9AM tomorrow morning, Saturday 31 October, to run, jog, walk and coffee as 261 Fearless meets again, this time to celebrate ¬†Move the World New York City Marathon!¬† We’re joining our friends from around the world, like my home town team here from Kingston, New York!!¬†¬† Specifics:…Read More

Wellington Moves the World!

Hey, here’s a shout-out to all my New Zealand friends,¬†especially those in the Wellington¬†region!¬† We’re jogging, running, walking, ambling, whatever–but absolutely having coffee afterward!– again this Saturday morning, 31 Oct., 9AM, meeting ¬†in the parking lot across from the Bach Cafe, 410 The Esplanade, Island Bay.¬† We’ll move out toward the airport and enjoy the…Read More


Dear Friends, our hearts are broken with the news of ¬†the death of ¬†Ruth Bader Ginsburg.¬† She was a giant of justice.¬† Yes, she is an idol to me because as the second woman ever to be appointed to the Supreme Court, she paved the way for women‚Äôs equality before the law.¬† She¬†knew from personal…Read More