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Keynote Speaker

Kathrine Switzer is a dynamic and effective speaker
with a lot to talk about!

She continues to make positive change in people’s lives around the world, and parlayed her success as an iconoclastic athlete into successful careers in business, as an author, fitness expert and TV sports commentator. She is also in demand as a personality, with compelling ideas to convey and inspirational stories to tell.

She has been featured in hundreds of electronic and print news and features around the world as both an authority and a visionary (Including Oprah, Nightline, TODAY, etc.  See below for more).  Switzer’s high-visilbity profile generates excellent publicity for her clients and their events, and increases paying audiences and contributions.

Whether business, sports or health, Switzer is sought after to speak to corporate, university, association, convention, and sports groups because she is a fit, authentic success herself, and delivers high energy in a variety of topic areas.

Talking Topics and Titles


Switzer’s pioneering work in women’s sports marketing has served as a design model for many in business and education. She is in demand as a leader and speaker in the field, especially showing how to make adversity work as a business-generating opportunity by creating innovative programs. She was an instigator in the creation of the College of Sports Management at Syracuse University, her alma mater, where she serves on the board of advisors.  Her speeches and workshops can be tailored specifically to address the areas of Envisioning Opportunity, Event Management, Sports Marketing, Public Relations, Media Events and Destination Tourism.

“The many comments and critiques we received in regard to our recent national convention overwhelmingly confirm that a significant contribution to its success was your address at our Opening General Session for an audience of 1100. The audience’s reaction clearly demonstrated that your address unleashed hope and optimism that each person has the power to overcome obstacles and challenges and reach new heights personally and professionally. I especially appreciated your personal interest in our members, staying on long after your memorable speech, answering questions responding to their concerns, and signing autographs. It was a remarkable and unique occasion, and I was particularly glad to have witnessed it. Any of us who heard you that day would recommend you highly as a speaker at other professional association conferences. Thank you!” — Janet M. Treichel, PhD, Executive Director NBEA (National Business Education Association)

“Become the Hero in Your Own Life”

A presentation for inspiration, vision and fund-raising.  Sometimes the worst thing in your life can inspire you to action, and sometimes that action can change the world. This enlightening address is designed to empower women and men alike to re-examine their lives, especially the negatives, and make changes; to develop a sense of vision, and be a part of social history by ‘giving back’. It is the ideal presentation for foundations, service organizations, charities and fund-raisers.

“Your speech was so perfect!  The audience was riveted, and left inspired and committed. I think two standing ovations says it all! Your profile and the publicity you generated increased our audience for this important annual luncheon and fund-raiser. I also must thank you for doing a long and significant interview on National Public Radio for us; that was a real coup for our organization.” —Marianne M. Jones, Executive Director, Women’s Fund of New Hampshire, 2012

“Take Charge of Your Body, Take Charge of Your Life”

A get-real health and fitness experience, Switzer motivates audiences to make fitness a part of their time-constrained lives, telling why and showing how to take charge of their own health and well-being.  Switzer has lead interactive events and fitness clinics for men and women of all ages, sizes and previous experience. She receives a constant stream of thank you letters from people whose lives she’s changed.

“What you’ve done for women’s fitness is just tremendous, and your speech at the Stonyfield Strong Women Summit was riveting–inspirational with true life stories and motivating with future predictions. The audience just loved you, and by the way, you are one of my personal heroes, too! Thank you!” —Miriam E. Nelson, PhD, School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University and the author of “Strong Women Stay Young,” and other “Strong Women” books; convenor, Stonyfield Stong Women Summit; mountain climber, marathoner, mother.

Sports:  “Marathon Woman: My Story, Your Story (and not for women only)”

Switzer is a pivotal figure in women’s sports history, as well as the women’s Olympic movement and the global history of running. She captivates audiences of both sexes with her often rollicking and always moving talks on the history of women in sports and in particular the tremendous social and cultural change that has occurred through the women’s sports movement. She is a visionary and offers up her thought-provoking glimpses of the future for all audiences.

“Now that is what I call a Home Run!  The women sitting in front and alongside of me were so touched by your words they were weeping. You really put astonishing feeling into what running means to women and made our 40th Anniversary of Women at the Boston Marathon very special.Thank you.”  — Gloria Ratti, Vice President, Board of Governors, Boston Athletic Association (BAA).

Forestalling the Aging Process

We’re living longer, and Switzer shows us how to live better. She deals with the realities of aging, dispels the myths and fears, and shows us how to fight back effectively, with an emphasis on prevention of the major killers of today: heart disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

“You were a fabulous speaker at our annual awards banquet! You had the audience enthralled with your colorful stories of the past and your wise insights into the future. We are thrilled to have you as the first female recipient of the Emil Zatopek award for your contributions to 50 Plus Fitness.Thank you!” —Ray Stewart, Vice President, Programs, 50-Plus Fitness