261 Shoe Charms: 2-piece gift set


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261 Shoe Charms – Wear it for a guaranteed P.R.! This pewter charm is not fine jewelry (although plenty of women wear it as a necklace); it’s designed to be put on your shoelace to go with you through miles of pounding the roads and trails, literally or figuratively. Take the spirit with you in your next challenge; or better, wear it always, as it’s the process that is the hard part. Charm is the size of a nickel, with bib 261 and an artist’s image of Kathrine in the 1972 Boston Marathon (the first year women were allowed to run officially) on one side, and Marathon Woman -Fearless” on the other. Two charms -one for you and one for your friend-come packaged in a pretty organdy bag, or, special order large quantities to give to all members of your team, see above in red for wholesale bulk order information.  Photos by Joan Barker Images.

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