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Kathrine Switzer is an acclaimed speaker who addresses corporations, business conferences, universities and special interest groups with a message that goes far beyond running. Her inspiring, authentic and high-energy delivery of creating success in a difficult environment, turning negatives into opportunities, and fearlessly implementing social and cultural change has made many positive differences in lives and businesses. Please consider her for your next event!

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“A million thank yous for all your help in providing such a memorable program to the students of Newbury College here in Boston, particularly on the day after the Boston Marathon bombings.  Your remarks were so hopeful and inspirational and you are so humble.  I hope my daughter in particular remembers your grace, your confidence and your resilience.  Personally, it was one my most favorite Newbury moments of all time.”
—Amy Shirley, Director of Admissions, Newbury College, Brookline MA, April 16 2013

“Kathrine, thank you for sharing your story…You taught us that both the body & mind are sacred. The session [with you and other outstanding women] was a highlight of our summit and was a great source of inspiration. Thank you!”
—Amy Cowen, Convenor, Women@Google Leadership Summit, San Francisco, 2012

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Television Personality

Kathrine Switzer is a popular guest personality on TV and radio shows around the world, as well a professional sports commentator herself. A few of her guest TV appearances have been on Oprah, Today, Tonight, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, Nightline, PBS, HBO,ESPN, CBC (Canada), BBC (UK), TVNZ (New Zealand), NHK (Japan)  ZDF (Germany),RAI (Italy), TF1 (France) and Globo (Brazil). She brings her clients exceptional publicity opportunities.

Kathrine Switzer has broadcast over 200 running events, winning several Emmy Awards.

Coverage of stellar events includes the Olympic Games, Olympic Trials, World and National Championships. She has covered every televised edition of the Boston Marathon—36 consecutive years—as well as 27 broadcasts of the New York City Marathon, 19 of Pittsburgh and 14 of Los Angeles. In many of the races she organized, she also served as broadcast and production advisor.

Running-Related TV Broadcasts, by network/broadcast outlet:

NBC Network/ NBC Local-Regional

  • Boston Marathon, 1979-’94 (‘95 to present on CBS-WBZ), 36 consecutive years
  • New York City Marathon, global feed thru NBC and TWI, 2009-present.
  • New York City Marathon (‘82-91 on ABC) ‘92,’94,’96,’97, ‘99-2008.
  • Los Angeles Marathon, (1992-2001,KCOP-TV, Syndicated on ESPN and WWOR    Superstation), 2003-‘06 NBC-4 and Telemundo 52
  • Avon Marathon, Women’s International Championship; Ottawa, 1981; San Francisco, 1982; Los Angeles, 1983. (For London, 1980, served as broadcast advisor).

ABC Network

  • Olympic Games, Los Angeles, Women’s Marathon, 1984.
  • Olympic Trials, Women’s Marathon, Olympia, Washington, 1984.
  • Olympic Trials, Men’s Marathon, New Jersey, 1988.
  • Olympic Trials, Women’s Marathon, Pittsburgh, 1988.
  • Olympic Trials, Men’s and Women’s Track and Field, Indianapolis, 1988.
  • World Cup Track and Field, Canberra, Australia, 1985.
  • New York City Marathon, 1982, ’83,’85,’86,’88-’91(continues to present on NBC)
  • Bislett Games, Oslo, Norway, Grand Prix Track, 1987-’90.
  • New York Mini Marathon-10 Km. women’s Race, 1985-’91.
  • New York City Mita Games, Grand Prix Track, 1991.
  • USA Track and Field National Championships, Indianapolis, 1985, ’87.
  • Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Sacramento, California,1985.

CBS Network

  • Boston Marathon, WBZ-TV, 1979-to present.
  • Chicago Marathon, 1984, 2006-‘08.
  • Continental Homes 10 Km, Phoenix, Arizona, 1985.

Asian Broadcasting union (ABU) and Television New Zealand

  • Olympic Games: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Men’s and Women’s Marathons and 10,000 meters; Women’s 1500 and 3000 meter events, Seoul, Korea, 1988. (NB: work for TV-New Zealand on location in Seoul for the Games was syndicated to the ABU and carried all over English-speaking Asia, a 3 billion viewership).
  • World Cross-Country Championships, Auckland, New Zealand,1988.
  • Drake Women’s 5 Km. Road race, Auckland, New Zealand, 1989.

PBS Network

  • Asian Games Marathon, Seoul, Korea, 1986.
  • Boston Marathon (the first ever telecast of this race): 1977 and ’78.

Turner Broadcasting

  • Goodwill Games, Men’s and Women’s Marathons, Seattle, Washington, 1990

Cable/Syndicated Shows

  • Los Angeles Marathon KCOP-TV, Syndicated on ESPN and WWOR Superstation, 1992-2001.
  • Tulsa Run 15 Km and National Championships, TCI Cable, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1989,’90,’92-’95.
  • Central Fidelity Women’s 9 Km, Alexandria, Virginia, Prime Network Cable, 1993.
  • Parkersburg Half Marathon, Parkersburg, W.Va., Prime Network Cable, 1990-’92.
  • Stamford Classic Marathon, Stamford, Connecticut, MSG Cable, 1990.
  • New Jersey Waterfront Marathon (Mizlu, Belmonte productions), 1986-’89.
  • Avon Marathon, International Women’s Championship, Waldniel, W.Germany, 1979; London, 1980; Ottawa, 1981; San Francisco, 1982; Los Angeles, 1983—all distributed internationally and on USA and some international networks (see above) through Trans World International.
  • Colgate Indoor Games (Girls and Women’s Track), MSG Cable, 1984.
  • Lynchburg Ten-Miler, Lynchburg, Virginia, ESPN, 1982.

Local Only

  • Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC, Comcast, 2009 (opening piece only).
  • Roadrunner Akron Marathon, Ohio, Time Warner Cable, 2007 (cameo piece)
  • Pittsburgh Marathon, KDKA-TV, 1985-’91; WPXI-TV, 1992-2003.
  • New York City Marathon, New York 1 Cable, 1993; WPIX-TV, 1995.
  • Twin Cities Marathon and National Championships, WCCO-TV, 1986-‘88.
  • Grandma’s Marathon and Women’s National Championship, KBJR-TV, Duluth, Minnesota, 1987, ’90-’92.
  • Philadelphia Distance Run, KYW-TV3, 1989,’90.
  • Ice Breaker Five-Miler, Great Falls, Montana, KTGF-TV, 1990,’91.
  • Bobby Crim 10 Miler, Flint, Michigan, WFUM-TV, 1981-’86.
  • Gasparilla Road Race, Tampa, Florida, WXFL-TV, 1987,’88.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina Marathon and 10 Km, WSOC-TV, 1986,’87.
  • Orange Bowl Marathon and 10 Km, Miami, Florida, Channel 17, 1987.
  • Manila International Marathon, The Philippines, Manila National TV, 1981.
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