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Are you on the run for gift ideas?

A Runner’s Mind Need help in finding that perfect running gift or stocking stuffer for your friend or loved one? Look no further as here are some gift ideas to…Read More

Launching Icebreaker’s SoHo Run Club

In a word, tonight was…fantabulous! Yes, it was that cool that I had to invent a word to describe it. Icebreaker, the run gear that everyone runner should be wearing,…Read More

Woman Runner=Social Transformation

It is an interesting fact that you cannot pursue a physical activity for a long time and stay angry. When the adrenaline and aggression burn themselves off, the endorphins and…Read More

Greek For a Day

All marathons can be divided into two types: those where you achieve your impossible dream, and those where you fall short. The second group far outnumbers the first, as veteran…Read More