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Marathon Woman

‘‘I don’t rate myself a great athlete—not at all,” Kathrine Switzer tells me, “but running saves my life. Every day. It’s my stress-buster. It’s my creative fount. It’s my inspiration. No matter how crappy the day is, the run makes it

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These 5 Older Athletes Are All the Motivation You’ll Need This Year

Age is just a number. It’s never too late to get active. Getting older shouldn’t mean slowing down. These are all clichés for a reason: They’re true. In fact, by keeping active you can actually slow aging in your body’s

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LISTEN Connections: Dispelling myths about aging, WXXI News, by Evan Dawson and Megan Mack

Switzer has been an advocate for female athletes for decades, and she is also outspoken about dispelling the myths about aging. She’s in Rochester as the keynote speaker of Baden Street Settlement’s annual gala, but first, she joins us on Connections

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Catching Up With the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon

“Kathrine Switzer made waves in 1967 when, at age 20, she became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entrant, facing doubts and prejudice head-on as she crossed the finish line. Nowadays, shes at the forefront

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