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Kathrine Switzer Remembers the Boston Marathon, Boston Magazine

I didn’t intend to make a political statement when I ran the Boston Marathon in 1967. I was just a girl who wanted to run. Since there were few women’s sports in those days, I was training with the men’s team at Syracuse University. When I told Arnie Briggs, an assistant coach who’d run 15…Read More

Five Questions With Kathrine Switzer, Boston Magazine by Melissa Malamut

In 1967, a 19-year-old journalism student named Kathrine Switzer registered for the Boston Marathon under her initials only, because women were not yet allowed to run the race. The infamous images (above and below) shows a B.A.A. official trying to rip off her bib. The hunky guy body checking that official was her boyfriend at the time. (Ah, chivalry.) Despite the…Read More

Throwback Thursday: When Women First Ran the Marathon, Boston Magazine

By Eric Randall With so many women in the race this year, it’s hard to remember a time when their participation was revolutionary. On Monday, nearly half of the 35,000 runners participating in the Boston Marathon will be women. There will be 396 women named Jennifer alone. There will be 238 Sarahs, and 188 Amys.…Read More