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Kathrine Switzer Remembers the Boston Marathon, Boston Magazine

I didn’t intend to make a political statement when I ran the Boston Marathon in 1967. I was just a girl who wanted to run. Since there were few women’s…Read More

Hearst Magazine’s “Empowering Women” interview with Kathrine

Wow, I’m thrilled to be interviewed on the amazing new site “Empowering Women” at Hearst Magazine!  They wanted to know the background of the 261 Women’s Marathon in Mallorca, but…Read More

Five Questions With Kathrine Switzer, Boston Magazine by Melissa Malamut

In 1967, a 19-year-old journalism student named Kathrine Switzer registered for the Boston Marathon under her initials only, because women were not yet allowed to run the race. The infamous images (above and below)…Read More

The Boston Marathon Has Been Breaking Gender Barriers Since 1966, Huffington Post

by Elisabeth Epstein Marathons are a funny thing. Why would anyone want to voluntarily put his or her body through so much pain and mental anguish just to run 26.2…Read More

Boston Marathon Pioneer Kathrine Switzer

Video Excerpt from Kathrine’s talk  at UMass Boston on April 17, 2014.Read More

Strength in numbers prove the Boston Marathon is stronger than ever, The Record by Christine Blanchett

The bombings last year killed three people, including Martin Richard from Dorchester, who was eight years old and waiting to hug his father, Bill after finishing. At least 176 were…Read More

Throwback Thursday: When Women First Ran the Marathon, Boston Magazine

By Eric Randall With so many women in the race this year, it’s hard to remember a time when their participation was revolutionary. On Monday, nearly half of the 35,000…Read More

Female runners took long, hard road to the Boston Marathon, Toronto Star

By Bob Ramsay Nearly 40 years since women were first allowed to run in the Boston Marathon, the world’s most prestigious long-distance race may finally be on the verge of…Read More

Anniversary: Boston Marathon 2013, by Kathrine Switzer,

There is an expression in marathon running that you go through a lifetime of experience every time you run one. It’s absolutely true, because the marathon is not just something…Read More

Restart: The future of the Boston Marathon, by Neil Swidey – Boston Globe

Marathon 2014 will be different. But if next year will be a corrective, what will the race look like in five years? And how will we tell the story of…Read More

Kathrine Switzer: The Marathon Woman, by S. Indramalar – The Star Online

Kathrine Switzer challenged the men-only rule at the Boston Marathon in 1972, and opened up the path for women to run. ALL around the world, Kathrine Switzer is known as…Read More

Switzer struck by sad irony of bombing, by Ken McMillian – Times Herald Record

In the aftermath of every Boston Marathon there are a multitude of tiny celebrations of personal achievement. Long after the media has abandoned its primary coverage and the swarm of…Read More

Marathon legend Katherine Switzer describes blasts – Sunrise AU

Longtime Boston Marathon runner and competitor Katherine Switzer describes the moments twin bombs were detonated at the event. Watch the VideoRead More

Kathrine Switzer On Boston Marathon Bombing: I Expected This Would Happen Someday, by Jeff Monaski – WIBX

The first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon says she thought one day a terror attack would occur at a prestigious road race, like Boston. Kathrine Switzer spoke to WIBX…Read More

Marathon expo draws pre-race crowds to Boston, by Rich Tenorio –

Heightening the excitement for the Boston Marathon, a weekend expo took place a mere sprint away from the finish line. The 36th annual John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo drew…Read More

Boston Marathon interview: Kathrine Switzer – Women’s Running UK

‘It’s a tragic day – the marathon embodies freedom and fearlessness and empowerment and just to have it savaged like this for no purpose…’Kathrine Switzer Author and TV commentator Kathrine…Read More

Boston bombing takes away marathon legend Kathrine Switzer’s safe haven, by Dave Hines and Mike Stribl – Daily Freeman

New Paltz resident and 1974 New York City Marathon winner Kathrine Switzer was at Monday’s Boston Marathon with her husband, Roger Robinson. Switzer was the first woman to officially run…Read More

The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love, by Dave Zirin – The Nation

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” – Kathrine Switzer The dead. The injured. The anguish. All the result of bombs that were set…Read More

Countdown to Boston: 10 fun facts, by Jessica Sebor – ESPN via

With less than a week until the 2013 Boston Marathon, it’s time to floss your knowledge with some fun facts to impress your marathoning friends. • The Boston Marathon is…Read More

Revisiting Epic Moments in Boston Marathon History, by Hilary Milnas – BostInno

The 2013 Boston Marathon is closing in as we make our way through April, and for most of us, that guarantees an excuse to take the day off of work…Read More