Top 10 Running Tips

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Top 10 Running Tips

  1. Just put on your shoes and go.
  2. Enter an upcoming race and train for it; a goal keeps you focused.
  3. Record every run; it keeps you honest and it’s motivating.
  4. Find a running buddy, you won’t skip a run.
  5. Only have 10 minutes? That’s better than no minutes, so get going.
  6. Missed a workout? Don’t feel guilty, just start again.
  7. Diets alone don’t work, exercise does. Running burns more calories faster than anything else.
  8. Your run is an investment in YOU; you deserve to feel good.
  9. If you’re not good for yourself, you’re not your best for anyone else.
  10. You’re never too old, slow or big to begin to run. Feel the joy.

Credit Ángel García  261WM