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Contributing Writer

In addition to writing three books, Kathrine Switzer is also a prolific writer for periodic publications.

As a long-time figure in the world of sports and running in particular, Kathrine is often called upon to write commentary pieces on the state of the sport, and give her visionary opinion on its future.  As an innovator and leader in women’s social progress, she is often asked for her global view, and as an activist, she initiates ideas for progress through her writing.

Additional writing includes women’s fitness and health, on which she is an authority.  And, through the events she has created and organized around the world, she also writes informed articles on destination tourism, sports promotion and corporate public relations

While most of her early journalistic writing dealt with sports event coverage, she now does that kind of work in television broadcasting, leaving her writing to more lengthy and considered pieces.

Currently, Kathrine is the “On the Road” columnist for Marathon & Beyond Magazine.  (See samples below).

Other Published Works Featured in

  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • New York Daily News
  • The Listener
  • Parade Magazine
  • Next
  • Women Today
  • Shape
  • Runners World
  • Running Times
  • New York Runner
  • New England Runner
  • VO2 Max
  • New Zealand Runner
  • Boston Marathon Magazine
  • Chicago Runner
  • RaceCenter (OR)
  • Northwest Runner (WA)
  • Washington Runner (DC)
  • LA Sports & Fitness
  • Oklahoma Runner
  • Midwest Events
  • Outdoor Athlete (MI)
  • Endurance (NC)
  • Florida Runner & Triathlete
  • Texas Runner  & Triathlete
  • Get Outside! (CAN)
  • Outdoor Sports Guide (UT, CO, NV)
  • Hawaii Sport
  • Washington Running Report
  • City Sports (NY & LA)
  • Women’s Sports and Fitness
  • Argosy
  • Living Fit
  • Runner-Triathlete News
  • Footnotes
  • Fit for Life (Swiss)
  • German Road Races (web)

Sample of Published Works

Heart of a Lion, Pole Pole, By Kathrine Switzer

Reprinted by permission of Marathon and Beyond

It was a dull, droning noise that woke me. It kept whining back and forth, not loud, but penetrating and, to me, portentous.  I knew what it meant and groaned slightly. My husband, Roger, reached over and put his arms around me, saying, “It’s OK to be slow, darling, but try not to be last.”  It was so dark! On the equator, it is very dark until it is light, and at 5:00 A.M., it was still pitch black. How can that guy up there see where he is going?
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Spring of Elation, Spring of Despair, By Kathrine Switzer

Reprinted by permission of Marathon and Beyond

February: Wellington, New Zealand
The four young men, shirtless and beautiful as they powered off the last curve of Wellington’s Newtown track, fairly sparkled. Their sweat gleamed in the piercing silver light that only a New Zealand summer sun can produce, and we were having the best summer in many seasons. The last interval done, they slapped and high-fived each other; they were ready to race.
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Postcards from Athens, My Most Meaningful Race, By Kathrine Switzer

Posted by Runner’s World in feature Greek for a Day, February 4, 2011

In 1972, five years after I became the first woman to officially finish the Boston Marathon, the Greek Athletic Federation denied my entry into the Athens Marathon because of my gender. I came to Greece anyway. The marathon had given me so much in my life– empowerment, a sense of self– so Greece, the birthplace of this event, was important to me. But not being able to run made me sad.
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Woman Runner = Social Transformation, By Kathrine Switzer

Posted by Ashoka Changemakers, April 3, 2011

It is an interesting fact that you cannot pursue a physical activity for a long time and stay angry. When the adrenaline and aggression burn themselves off, the endorphins and reasonable– even creative—thoughts take over.  So it was with me 44 years ago, this April 18, when I was attacked in the Boston Marathon by a race official who was so angry that I was a female in his male-only race that he tried physically to eject me.
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Never Run Before?  Here’s How To Get Started, By Kathrine Switzer

Posted by NBC TODAY, August 31, 2006

Thirty-nine years ago a director of the Boston Marathon physically attacked me mid-race and tried to eject me from the competition simply because I was a woman. The marathon was a man’s race then, and women were considered too fragile to run it. That sure was news to me! I finished the 26 mile, 385 yard course anyway. It created a worldwide uproar, because “women were just not supposed to do these things.”
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